Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top Three Most Viewed Blog Posts Linky Party

By Denise Krebs, Children's Literature Moderator

I started this Children's Literature blog during the summer of 2011, inspired by my Children's Literature college students. It is a blog where anyone is invited to submit posts about children's literature. We've had twelve submissions so far coming from Canada, United States, New Zealand, and Australia, written by college students, librarians, junior high and elementary teachers, and a writer-principal.  One of my seventh grade students is working on a post now.

Now, as part of the Top Three Most Viewed Blog Posts Linky Party by Fern Smith, the three Children's Literature posts that were most viewed in 2011...

The first post on our blog, and the most viewed post, came from Nancy Carroll, a fourth grade teacher from Massachusetts. She wrote about the Donalyn Miller's The Book Whisperer. Read her post here.

The next post was on August 10, 2011. This was Picture Book 10 for 10, a wonderful serendipitous children's literature community event on August 10.  Teachers, students, parents chose their best ten children's books and wrote about them. I wrote this post with my children's literature students. We each chose two books that were must haves for our children's literature library. Read our choices here.

The third most popular post was written by Julie Swenson, college student extraordinaire. She wrote a wonderful review of the book Escape from Slavery: Five Journeys to Freedom. Read it here

Thanks to Fern for planning this Linky Party, and for you for reading this post.  If you are interested in children's literature too, I hope you will read the Writer's Guidelines and consider joining us.


  1. Thank you for linking up at my Linky Party and letting your readers know about it too!
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  2. Thanks, Fern! I was happy to read about your blog. I actually linked up to you on my other blog too.