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Guest Blogger Guidelines for the Children’s Literature Blog You are invited to contribute to this blog.  

Contribute Your Genius. The premise of this blog is very simple: “Children's literature is central to children's literacy. How do children become literate? Simply, it happens through story. Listening, telling, reading and writing stories. This blog is a place to explore new and old in children's literature. Educators, librarians, writers, students and parents are all welcome to be part of the discussion. Guest bloggers will share the wonders of children's literature.” You may share any of your thinking, experiences, lesson plans you’ve loved, how you got started in writing children’s lit, memories of childhood--anything at all about children’s literature. No minimum or maximum word count. Simultaneous posts or past favorite posts of yours are welcome.  

Post. If you are interested in contributing, please contact me through Twitter (@mrsdkrebs) or by leaving a comment here. Send along any Creative Commons licensed images or a link to an image you would like to use. (Or I will add my own photos if you trust me.)  

Bio & Photo. (If this is your first time on the Children’s Literature blog) Write 100 words or less about you, writing in third person. Include URLs of your own websites, Twitter handle, and a square photo. Check out the Contributors' Page to see what we're looking for.  

Location. If you wish, I will add your location to your post and our contributor map. Let me know how specific to be. I can put the country, state/province, town, or all of the above—depending on what you want.

Subscribe & Share. Finally, please consider subscribing to the blog, so you can read when new Children’s Literature posts arrive! If you know of others who you think would be good contributors, please tell us about each other.

Thank you! A sincere thank you for contributing to this blog. I love children’s literature, and I wanted to share that love with the world and also learn more about it in all its beautiful forms. Your contribution helps us all learn and appreciate it more!



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