Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bless This Mouse Book Review

By Julie Swenson, Children's Literature Blogger

Bless This Mouse,
written by Lois Lowry…

…redirects your thoughts and feelings about those pesky little critters you find in your home from time to time; critters that can make humans stand on chairs, make you screech at the top of their lungs and make you devise traps for captivity.

In this story, these critters (a.k.a. mice) do not live in homes; rather they live in the Church of Saint Bartholemew. There is one particular mouse, named Hildegarde who is the leader of the St. Bartholemew mice and her job is to keep the mouse family safe and out of the sight of church members. Unfortunately, parishioners have spotted some of the mice, thinking there are only a few, not realizing there are more; yet a few mice is all it takes to call upon the “Great X”.

In order for Hildegard to keep the mice of Saint Bartholemew safe, she must devise a plan, round up everyone and lead them outdoors to safety. The only problem is the outdoors can also be a grave place of danger for mice, especially when the church is about to hold a “Blessing of the Animals” ceremony, involving cats! Will Hildegarde and the family of church mice be held captive and possibly face death by the Great X? Will the mice encounter the presence of dangerous, feline creatures, or will someone be brave enough to ask for a divine favor?

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