Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Mighty Miss Malone

The Mighty Miss Malone
written by Christopher Paul Curtis
Book Review by Julie Swenson

The Mighty Miss Malone comes from a family that is on a journey.  The journey is to a place called Wonderful.  During the Great Depression, times are hard for everyone.  Jobs are scarce, but more so for the colored man.  Miss Malone’s (her real name is Deza) family is struggling to make ends meet.  There is little food on the table and health checkups just cannot be afforded.  Little Jimmie, Deza’s brother, has stopped growing.  Deza’s teeth hurt real bad and are so rotten that it causes her breath to smell something awful. 

Although the family is quite poor, Miss Malone is very rich.  Miss Malone is rich with intelligence. Deza is very smart and her teacher believes Deza’s gift of intelligence has the capabilities of making a contribution to their race.  There is a path laid for Miss Malone and if she does not get on it, Deza’s teacher feels the country will be lost.

Miss Malone does find a path, but does this path, this journey, lead to a place called Wonderful?

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