Sunday, July 24, 2011

Children's Literature Sharing Blog

Children's literature is central to children's literacy. How do children become literate? Simply through story. Listening, telling, reading and writing stories.

This blog is a place to explore new (and old) in children's literature. Educators, librarians, writers, students and parents are all welcome to be part of the discussion. Guest bloggers will share the wonders of children's literature.

Image by mrsdkrebs and takomabibelot


  1. Denise and Nancy, What a lovely and important idea. You are leading others into where education needs to go -- especially in regards to literacy! You have carefully thought it through -- the guidelines and design are impressive. I love this first image. How did you do it? I'll be sending teachers your way. Thanks for your innovation and initiative!

  2. Thanks so much, Sheri, and I will look forward to your contribution here.

    The photo was a Flickr image that I edited in WordFoto, an iOS app on my husband's iPod Touch. Here is the original image.